I am, above all, a husband and father. That being said, I am a very young husband and father. Recently graduated, tentatively motivated, and constantly fatigued, I have a passion for stories and laughter. I want to bring you the joy that I get from my beautiful wife and my rambunctious one year old.



My wife is the light of my world. Sweet, funny, caring, and sarcastic, she also happens to be stunningly sexy. I could not ask for a better partner in crime.



This little mini-me came as a whirlwind of joyous destruction. Never will our lives be the same.  Loving (if you can ignore the scratching, biting, and hitting), adorable (if you can get him to sit still long enough for a picture), and a total butthead (I have no caveats for that characteristic), he has made my life more hectic and expanded my heart to the point of bursting. This blog revolves around my experiences with raising him to be the man that I know he can become.


Family is what it’s all about.